Monday, June 8, 2015

Growing Lubricheck Use by Maintenance Professionals

We have been pleased to learn of an increasing number of customers that are using Lubricheck in professional applications. Farmers have been among the first to accept the Lubricheck to help keep their equipment in great condition. But since the introduction of Lubricheck over 2 years ago, more and more professional maintenance technicians are discovering the Lubricheck can be a great help at the job site, shop or factory to give an instant indication of oil condition. This information helps them decide if an oil sample should be sent to a lab for full analysis, if the equipment tested may need a more thorough inspection, or simply if the oil change intervals they have been using may be safely extended to cut unnecessary maintenance down time, lubricant and labor expenses. (This can be a big hit with managers and corporate types).

Matt Spurlock (CLS, CMRP, CRL) of Advanced Machine Reliability Resources, Inc. has been bringing Lubrichecks to his on-site training courses. He shows maintenance technicians how this pocket sized digital oil tester can make their job easier, and catch lubrication maintenance issues sooner. Matt recently wrote, "The Lubricheck is by far the most cost effective tool on the market today to determine if an engine oil is still suitable for use. The ease of testing and overall accuracy of the unit is something that even the novice automobile owner can wrap their hand around."

Kenneth Bannister, a contributing editor at Maintenance Technology Magazine, author, maintenance consultant and trainer, explained the Lubricheck this way. "At the heart of the Lubricheck unit is a battery-operated sensor that sets up an electrical excitation field, which changes in a known manner when a fluid, such as oil, is placed on the sensor pad. When oil becomes oxidized, it also becomes acidic and will affect the electrical field differently than new oil. Lubricheck’s electronics interpret these types of changes and display them through a series of 10 LED lights that light up GREEN (when the oil tests OK), or AMBER or RED when it doesn’t (depending on the severity of condition problems and the urgency of a change-out). Although the unit is primarily designed for fleets and can be switched to analyze diesel or gas engine oil, it can also be used to check most lubricating oils". 

The development team at WaveOn Tech welcomes any feedback or requests from maintenance professionals regarding Lubricheck as we work to expand our features and capabilities to meet the needs of new applications.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Don't try this at home! Accidental Lubricheck recailbration

We have had a few customers report that their Lubricheck used to work fine, but something changed, and now the readings are inaccurate.

When those units came back for testing under warranty, we determined that some users are holding down the test button, before turning on the power switch. In this condition, if the button is held down long enough, the unit will re-callibrate to a meaningless oil value.

So, the message here is, don't do that! Only press the test button briefly, after the power switch is turned on, and after the oil sample has been added to the sensor cup.

Fathers Day Insight/Opportunity

When 10 dads were asked if they wanted a Lubricheck for Fathers Day, 9 out of 10 said, “What is a Lubricheck”  Followed by, “No way! They can do that now!? That would be cool!” (Funny how they all gave the same response!)

But here is the best part of the deal. Next time you are visiting dad, you can borrow his Lubricheck for your car, boat, RV, truck, mower, etc. 

What more do you need to hear? Order a Lubricheck for the dad in your life today! We ship same day, or next business day, guaranteed!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

What is Lubricheck?

What is Lubricheck?

What is Lubricheck? Works on Diesel and gas engines, and on most synthetic and standard oil*.
A reusable motor oil tester permits users to cut motor oil use in trucks, cars, ATVs, motorcycles, tractors, etc. by over 50%.

Fewer oil changes save money and time, cut dependence on foreign oil imports and reduce waste oil pollution. Like automotive testers used by NASCAR pit crews, the Lubricheck can detect oil contamination before it can cause serious engine damage. The Lubricheck has a one year warranty. *Some specialty or extended use oils with high levels of additives, or with metals such as zinc or molybdenum, may give falsely negative results. Examples include the Amsoil 'Signature' series , Redline oils, Castrol TWS and specialty, non API rated Royal Purple oils.

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